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Please note that orders made from the 20th December cannot be guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas
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Seasonal Care: Winter

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It is the winter season and your plants' needs have changed so here are some pro tips to help you keep your plant/s healthy and alive!

Winter Plant Care

You Are My Sunshine

It’s winter and the sun sets early and rises late, so when it’s out, let the sunshine in! If you want to keep your plants happy and healthy, make sure they are getting enough light during this time. Gradually rotate your every to ensure all sides get enough light! Plus, move them closer to the sunlight as it encourages new growth!

Fake it till you make It

If you struggle with getting enough natural light, consider investing in some grow lights. CFL and LED bulbs are great (and energy saving too), and if that’s not an option, you can use desk or floor lamps too just make sure to keep the light about 1-3 feet from your plant to avoid scorching / damaging your plant.

Extra Tip: Dust build-up reduces the amount of light getting to your plant. Gently wipe the dust off your leaves with a wet cloth!

Baby it’s Cold outside

Extreme changes in temperature (too cold / too hot) is not great for indoor plants so during the colder winter months, move your plants away from open windows and front doors especially during the night. Also avoid placing your plants near heaters / radiators as this can dry your plants out.  

Water and Food

The general rule is to water less during the Winter season. Because there is less light, your plants take up less water. To avoid over watering which can cause root rot keep soil on the drier side, and either reduce the amount of water or wait longer between waterings.

Plants generally don’t grow or have very little growth in the winter. As such your plant/s won't need any extra nutrients at this time so refrain from using plant food until Spring / Summer seasons.

Pro Tip: Relax. Don’t stress. If you plant is shedding leaves, it’s absolutely normal during winter. There is less light, water, food and your plant is adjusting to the seasonal changes. Keep an eye on your plant babies and nurture gently with patience.

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