Network Calathea (Calathea musaica)
Network Calathea (Calathea musaica)
Network Calathea (Calathea musaica)

Network Calathea (Calathea musaica)

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The Network Calathea is one of the hundreds of beautiful plants in the Calathea family. They stand out due to the stunning detail on their leaves and their daily 'prayer' movements where the leaves rise and fall in the morning and evening earning Calatheas the nickname 'prayer plants'.


Product Details

Air Purifying: Yes

Pet/Baby Safe: Yes

Plant Height (including pot): 50-60cm

Planter Size (diameter): 17.5cm

Fits Pots (diameter): 18cm+


Pictured pot/stand are not included in price. Standard planter is provided.

Plant Care

Water: They prefer to have constantly damp soil. So water little but often but making sure not to drench the soil. 

Humidity: Calatheas love warmer conditions with higher levels of humidity so spray a couple of times a week with a mister to keep its leaves fresh.

Light: They love lots of indirect sunlight but can cope in some lower light conditions too. Keep out of direct sunlight.


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