Autograph Plant
Autograph Plant
Autograph Plant
Autograph Plant

Autograph Plant

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The Autograph Plant is a beautiful leafy plant with thick, leathery leaves with a striking deep green colour. It is known for its sturdiness with its leaves so strong you can carve your name into them, hence its nickname. 

It is also great for new plant lovers due to its low maintenance care requirements and air filtering properties.

Product Details

Botanical Name: Clusia rosea

Air Purifying: Yes

Pet/Baby Safe: Toxic if consumed

Plant Height (including pot): 30-40cm

Planter Size (diameter): 12cm

Fits Pot (diameter): 13cm+

Pictured pot/stand are not included in price. Standard planter is provided.

Plant Care

Water: Water well, keeping the soil moist at all times. It can though survive periods of drought.

Humidity: Enjoys a humid environment so mist a few times a week or keep in the bathroom.

Light: Thrives best in bright light but can handle some shade.


Delivery Info

Available for delivery across mainland UK.