Introducing The Kato Vase

The Kato Vase is designed to allow you to have a unique window into the early stages of life of an avocado tree. 
Its specially hand blown design is based on the ideals of minimalism and combining human and natures design into a single piece of living art.


It All Starts With a Simple Seed

Simply save the seed from your next avocado and sit it half submerged in water within the purpose designed mouth of the Kato Vase.


Witness Its Germination

Watch on day after day as your seed starts to crack and the first signs of life start to emerge.   

Observe it's Growth

Watch as it's roots reach deeper into the vase and it's first leaves start to sprout and your avocado tree starts to take form.  

Watch it Come to Life

Witness it in it's full glory as it develops into your very own avocado tree and appreciate its uniqueness from the ends of its deepest roots to the tip of its tallest leaves.



Available for pre-order very soon.

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