The Kato Vase
The Kato Vase
The Kato Vase
The Kato Vase
The Kato Vase
The Kato Vase

The Kato Vase

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The Kato Vase is designed to allow you to have a unique window into the early stages of life of an avocado tree. 

Its specially designed shape is rooted in ideals of minimalism and combining human and nature's designs into a single piece of living art.

Beautifully hand blown in Europe with the highest quality glass, the stem perfectly holds the avocado seed allowing it to sit in water as it germinates whilst the body magnifies the sinuous roots as they flourish.

Perfect to take pride of place on a mantle, windowsill or side table and is guaranteed to draw intrigue as you watch its stem reach higher each day.

Simply save the seed from your next avocado or purchase one of our ready germinated seeds to speed up the process and observe the unique beauty of the avocado plant and the connection you will ultimately develop as you nurture it to maturity.


Product Details

Vase Height: 18cm

Vase Diameter: 9cm

Germinated avocado seed can be purchased with the vase.

Every one of our Kato Vases is handblown and so may contain some very slight imperfections.

Plant Care


Place the vase in a nice bright spot but avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight.


The avocado loves to be moderately warm between 15c and 29c. So most places in your home will be suitable. 


Ungerminated Seed: Fill the vase with water so that the bottom half of the avocado stone is submerged in water. 

Germinated Seed: Fill the vase with water so that the germinated root is submerged but the majority of the avocado stone is above the water.

As A Gift

The Kato Vase makes a unique and thoughtful gift for plant lovers and art enthusiasts alike. 

Every vase is packaged in our specially designed gift boxes so that every Kato Vase delivered feels like a gift, even if it's for yourself.

Eco Promise

For every Kato Vase purchased we will donate one tree to One Tree Planted helping reforestation efforts across the globe. So you donate a tree and grow a tree of your very own!

We also use majority recycled packaging for the Kato Vase.


Available for delivery UK wide.

£3.00 for vase only.

£5.95 for vase and germinated seed or germinated seed only to ensure next day delivery so that your seed arrives as quickly as possible.